Welcome to The Rocket Factory

[Update January 18, 2022: Rocket Factory Relaunch Announcement]

Throughout my career, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak.
Whether it was guiding a Silicon Valley consumer electronic startup to substantial growth, incubating new marketing channels for Circuit City, advising global companies on marketing and ecommerce best practices, helping to guide Virginia’s largest state chartered credit union to compete against the big banks, or serving as a founder myself, I have always been at my happiest when I am innovating. 
I enjoy finding appropriately disruptive, creative ways to go-to-market all while keeping a close eye on meeting critical quantifiable business goals.
While in pursuit of my next executive marketing gig in 2019, I joined on as a volunteer mentor at Startup Virginia helping to advise early stage companies on digital commerce and marketing best practices.
As I immersed myself in newer companies, one thing was common with everyone I came in contact; they were all united by the spirit of innovation unencumbered by orthodoxy and legacy thinking.
I found this to be refreshing.
I also realized there was an opportunity to leverage my broad business background in helping high-growth companies succeed.
Particularly for early companies that, beyond mentors or other trusted sources, need access to premium yet affordable regular strategic counsel.
The challenge for consulting firms is building it in a way that meets the demands of resource-constrained early companies.
I have some testing to do, but I believe we have a service model in our LaunchPad product that can deliver. If you are an early company (or want to recommend one) and want to participate in our pilot, please take time and apply to join us.
The Rocket Factory was founded with the idea of helping early, mid and maturing companies grow responsibly through performance-based Marketing methods. 
The Rocket Factory is all-in growing our company based on the success of others.
By guiding companies away from shiny objects and toward objective-based business problem solving, a lot of time, money, and overall pain can be avoided and efficiency gained. 
The Rocket Factory’s promise is simple: To provide fuel for ideas to take flight.
I’m an entrepreneur, too. As I build this firm, the people that I bring on will have a similar mindset.
I believe that being creative and resourceful while being disciplined and pragmatic are what drives strategic success. 
In the video above, we say “your mission, is our mission.” And that is the truth!
I hope you’ll take a moment to watch. It captures the spirit of the people I have come in contact with over the past year and is what gets me fired up every day!
Todd Feldman
Founder, The Rocket Factory