Watching the movie theater industry crumble is like a horror show

Movie theater industry in the fight of their lives.
By Todd Feldman
Founder & President, The Rocket Factory
Remember the 2004 horror film Saw? While it opened with mixed reviews, it caught me on a “good night” and freaked me the f*** out.
Through the use non-linear narrative, the movie tells the story of a serial killer that put his victims through a series of deadly games that require them to inflict physical pain upon themselves to survive.
This nightmare scenario is playing out right in front of all of us as we watch the movie theater industry gasp for air as it tries to figure out its future.
Back in December, I wrote a Hot Take on Warner Bros announcement that all 2021 releases would be released simultaneously to HBO Max and theaters.
Last week, Warner Brothers announced that in 2022, it will release ten films straight to streaming and does not plan to go back to the movie release model of the past.
And as I noted in my December Mission Log entry, we should expect other industries to take note as business as usual is no longer going to cut it.
The question is, when will the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) step up and find a new path forward for their membership?
And what about other industries?
When will industry CEOs and their boards realize that their responsibility to their membership has shifted?
It can’t just be about advocacy any longer.
Their job duties now must include leading their industries to reinvention. It’s that or watch their membership dwindle and their roles become irrelevant as new organizations form to fill the void.
The hardest part is knowing how to get started.