Systematic by Rocket Factory

Strategic plans fail 70%-90% of the time.

It’s that bad. For real.

You deserve a better way. We have the answer in three steps.
These are real problems:
This is why we’ve built Systematic™ by Rocket Factory. A complete set of strategic steps designed to get you ahead and keep you there.
SmokeTest Scenarios
SparkJam Sessions
LightPath Sprints

Plan Risk
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Collaborative Ideation 



Determine plan risk upfront. 

Inspire organizational purpose & buy-in.

Create new markets and revenue streams.

Quantify new business opportunities.

Stimulate positive disruptive thinking.

Make change the new normal.

Ensure the right people are in the right seats.

Leverage knowledge to find solutions.

Increase customization to meet business need.

Anticipate future disruption.

Create pathways for business longevity.

Put the team on track to anticipate the future.

About Systematic by Rocket Factory

Getting you ready for ‘here-and-now’ so you’re ready for ‘what’s-to-come.’

SmokeTest | Overall Score

Try SmokeTest Scenarios!

Diagnose the problem areas upfront.

Numerous studies have shown that strategic plans fail as much as 90% of the time. It’s like trying to build a high-performance engine with standard parts.
Yet leaders charge ahead, thinking they’ll succeed.
We think, “No more business as usual.”
The high failure rate requires changing the way things are done. The first step is to diagnose and fix the problem.
SmokeTest Scenarios help you figure out organizational weaknesses before there’s ever a strategic plan. Why design something that’s going to fail so often of the time without first learning the weak spots that might cause failure?
Through our proprietary workshop, we’ll have your key stakeholders rate 66 practical language scenarios across six organizational components.
In just one day, you’ll have crystal clear insight into your organization.

It’s time for a new playbook!

Collaboration is the spark that creates lasting buy-in.

The best ideas come from the least likely places. SparkJam Sessions bring together team members from all organizational levels to cooperate in finding solutions to the challenges that put your company at the greatest risk of long-term success.
The goal is simple; create a roadmap that’s prioritized, quantified, and helps you get set for what’s to come.
It’s scalable, collaborative, and takes problem-solving to a whole new level.

Have questions?

Where it’s all assembled.

Here’s where we complete the blueprint. With LightPath Sprints, combined with 30 years of business transformation experience, we create your plan based on insights and business ideas gathered from SmokeTest Scenarios and SparkJam Sessions.
By the end of this part of Systematic, you’ll have a complete path forward to implement your plan armed with the training and rigor to anticipate and operationalize your business for sustainability.