Lead through adversity.

One system. Three services.

Recent events have left you reeling. You’ve got an organization to run but with all the major disruptions, it likely makes you feel like you’re running in place – or worse – going backward.

We get it. That’s why we’ve built Systematic by Rocket Factory™. A complete set of strategy and implementation services designed to flex along with the way the world works.  We get you ahead and keep you there.

SmokeTest Scenarios

Plan Risk
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SparkJam Sessions

Collaborative Ideation 

LightPath Sprints



Systematic by Rocket Factory | IDENTIFY. JAM. INNOVATE.

Identify plan risk upfront.


Create new markets and revenue streams.


Inspire organizational purpose and buy-in.


Ensure the right people are in the right seat.


Stimulate positive disruptive thinking.


Operationalize innovation as part of run-the-business.


Quantify new business opportunities.


Anticipate future disruption.


Encourage organizational transparency.


Highly customized to meet unique business need.


About Systematic by Rocket Factory

Getting you ready for ‘here-and-now’ so you’re ready for ‘what’s-to-come.’

SmokeTest | Overall Score

Try SmokeTest Scenarios!

Leave nothing to chance.

Commerce continues to accelerate at a breakneck pace. Reports show that it takes 18-24 months to understand the impact of planning. And with success rates ranging from 10% – 30% how would you ever know if you’re on track before it’s too late?
We want to make sure you’re ready.
During SmokeTest Scenarios, we’ll facilitate your key stakeholders to rate 66 practical language scenarios across 6 different components of your organization.
Backed by more than 30 years of experience, the output of this actionable diagnostic tool includes specific recommendations and real-time scoring by each component and an overall score to determine sustainability opportunities or current plan risk.
Designed for regular review, we leverage this tool to indicate areas of concern for any organization looking to focus investment during strategic planning and execution.

It’s time for a new playbook!

Jam to a new beat.

We’ve seen the best ideas come from the least likely places. SparkJam Sessions has been created to bring together thought leaders from across your organization or industry for a fun and thought-provoking ideation experience. The goal is simple; create an actionable roadmap that’s full of prioritized and quantified business initiatives that help you get set for “what’s-to-come.”
Through our collaborative and scalable process rooted in systems thinking, we’ve taken problem-solving to a whole new level.

Have questions?

Sprint into action – any way you want it.

With the results from your SmokeTest Scenarios and SparkJam Sessions, you’re now ready to flesh out and validate your priorities through LightPath Sprints.
Implementation is completely in your control with these flexible options:
  • Complete your Systematic by Rocket Factory solution by utilizing our tools, teams, partners, and implementation methodology.
  • “Bring-your-own” implementation firm.
  • Leverage your existing resources.
  • A tailored hybrid model to get the proper level of support you need for success.