Strategic plans have shockingly low success rates. We’re doing something about it.

Create foresight from hindsight.
By: Todd Feldman
Founder & President
Rocket Factory

We’re solving a huge problem.

Blockbuster Video thought their once-dominant rental business was a long-term lock. You know how that turned out. It doesn’t require hindsight to know overconfidence never works.

So why does history continue to repeat itself?

There are three overlapping themes that make up the problem. And any one of these could be a separate blog post.
  • There are a lot of companies like Blockbuster who’ve lost touch with their market, customers, and just as importantly, their employees. 

  • Commerce today continues to evolve at a lightning pace – recent global events have accelerated the gap between those that are ready and those that are not ready.

  • The biggest concern lies in plan success rates only coming in as high as 30%. Making matters worse –  it takes at least 18-24 months to find out how things are going.

Here’s an example of how this plays out.

A business trigger occurs and forces leaders to react, causing a change in direction. Consequently, this leaves employees feeling worried.

This declaration starts strategic planning cloaked in words like ‘transformation’ or terms like ‘going digital.’

Unfortunately, these efforts usually get short-circuited the moment they’re managed as a program, project, or collection of initiatives.

What’s more, while much of a transformation’s value loss (55 percent) occurs during and after implemen­tation, a sizeable portion happens as early as day one. 
– McKinsey; December 7, 2021

Strategy for today requires holistic thinking for tomorrow.

We’re big on building sustainability. Done the right way, transformation becomes one of many strategic outcomes of everyday culture.

Without changing our pattern of thought, we will not be able to solve the problem we created using our current pattern of thought. -Albert Einstein

A new practical planning experience.

Backed by more than 30 years of corporate and global commerce consulting roles with success in creating value to build competitive advantage, I’m relaunching Rocket Factory today.

In addition, our new direction is informed by two years of research and development, testing, and the global pandemic.

The result – we’ve built a powerful set of tools along with a unique experience. We’ve made a relentless commitment to simplify planning and execution that drives sustainable success – even in the toughest of times.
Systematic by Rocket Factory

Say hello to Systematic™ by Rocket Factory.

The low success rates require improvement in how planning and implementation get done. Therefore, we created our suite of groundbreaking services leveraging systems thinking specifically to keep pace with your customers and employees. 

  • SmokeTest Scenarios: Designed for pre-planning and a way to evaluate your current plan regularly, you’ll score 66 simple scenarios across six organizational components. By the end of the 1 or 2-day session, you’ll know where sustainability and plan success is at risk creating the proper focus for ongoing planning and implementation.

  • SparkJam Sessions: Often untapped, the best ideas come from all areas of an organization. We’ve built a collaborative road-mapping experience – with great intention to create deep buy-in from employees – that’s great for teams of 25 to 250. Plan collaboratively at scale and assign early performance metrics that aid in prioritization.

  • LightPath Sprints: Leveraging outputs from SmokeTest and SparkJam, you’ll get a headstart on the correct launching point for implementation. We’re offering flexible options for execution designed to deliver the right level of support for success.

Systematic by Rocket Factory is designed to deliver value now and for the future. I look forward to hearing how we can help.
All the best!