Solving challenges, delivering value in four steps.

Because your legacy matters.

Mid-market CEOs are feeling increased pressure from employees demanding a greater connection with the company’s mission and vision. We create a four-step process that brings together the best and most relevant people, ideas, and insights.
  1. Your leadership team is assembled. The executives come together to set direction and prioritize a list of no more than five business challenges to solve
  2. Your employees weigh in. The executives seek and receive input, suggestions, and advice from those who are on the ground level and closest to the problems.
  3. We assemble the data. Based on various criteria, including revenue goals, sustainability, experience, and efficiency, we combine everything and prepare a final report.
  4. We make recommendations. Here, we present the findings and suggest ways to unlock potential and start you on a new path, one that succeeds where past plans have failed.
SparkJam Inno on Fire Award
An award-winning idea.
We were honored to receive recognition as one of Richmond Inno’s 2020 “Inno on Fire” Community Builders. The honor highlights Richmond companies that are “the best startups, innovators, and stakeholders of 2020.”
Two years on, we’re still going strong. Join us.

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