Rocket Factory founder creates immersive client programming following the success of SparkJam 2020

Todd Feldman of The Rocket Factory
By Eileen Abbott
Richmond Inno
When Todd Feldman created SparkJam 2020, he did so with the hope of igniting positive outcomes for businesses struggling during the pandemic.
Last June’s day-long virtual event has since evolved into SparkJam Sessions, which Feldman recently launched to continue his mission.
Feldman described SparkJam Sessions as a series of immersive half-day or full-day sessions that will be offered to companies working with his Richmond-based startup management consulting firm The Rocket Factory.
“This is not a general public offering,” he said. “It is a powerful starter consulting offering that is an offshoot of what we learned at SparkJam 2020 last year.”
The focus is to energize and address the needs of mid-size companies and mature business sectors.
“It’s no longer simply about saying you must go digital but more about remaining relevant to the constantly changing needs of both your employees and customers,” he said. “Our goal is to simplify what is complex and overwhelming to spark creativity to reimagine the future.”


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