News: The Rocket Factory launches; promises premium strategic marketing support for high-growth businesses

The new company delivers a full suite of
performance-driven marketing advisory services;
announces new ‘LaunchPad’ pilot for early start-ups.

January 31, 2020 (RICHMOND, VA & WASHINGTON), The Rocket Factory, LLC has launched to address the unique business challenges of high-growth companies. The new strategic marketing firm is engineered specifically for founders and executive leadership looking to apply quantifiable performance marketing practices to achieve responsible, steady growth. The Rocket Factory offers companies a unique tiered service of strategic advice for early, mid-stage, and maturing stages of development and operations.
“I’m thrilled The Rocket Factory is addressing this critical need for early, mid, and maturing growth companies,” said Paul Nolde Managing Director at Riverflow Growth Fund. “Their scaled vision for addressing the actionable strategic needs of companies aligned to their business maturity is very compelling.”
In addition to deeper strategy consulting engagements for companies further along, the firm is piloting Launchpad by The Rocket FactoryTM, a subscription-based advisory service for early start-up companies. “We believe that there is a unique opportunity to offer a way to help early start-ups that are faced with the constraints of budget, time, and resources,” said Todd Feldman, Founder and President of The Rocket Factory. “LaunchPad is a value-driven subscription-based service that delivers premium strategic guidance through 100% remote-based tools,” said Feldman.
“LaunchPad gives us access to strategic marketing expertise that’s vital to success,” said Eric Berger, co-founder of FreeRoots (, a free online grassroots advocacy platform. “As we empower FreeRoots users to be heard and create positive change, we look forward to leveraging The Rocket Factory’s knowhow and proven solutions.”
The Rocket Factory is currently signing up a limited pilot cohort of companies for LaunchPad through its website. Interested founders and investors should apply to be included in the pilot program at
About The Rocket Factory, LLC
The Rocket Factory is the creation of marketing and digital transformation veteran Todd Feldman. Feldman has served in global roles in digital businesses having worked for and advised established brands including America Online, Oracle Consulting and Circuit City as well as technology start-ups and high growth companies. Most recently, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer at market-leading Virginia Credit Union, based in Richmond, VA. Along with serving as President at The Rocket Factory, Feldman volunteers as a marketing and digital business mentor with Start-up Virginia, an incubator based at the 1717 Innovation Center in Richmond, VA.