6 Blind Spots that Kill Your Revenue Engine

Seven Blind Spots That Kill Your Revenue Engine

By: Todd FeldmanPresident and Revenue WhispererRocket Factory In April 2022, we published an article outlining how critical aligning sales, marketing, and every other function responsible for revenue growth is. We are big proponents of the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) role for many reasons – “chief” among them – to drive greater accountability and efficiency, especially […]

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And meanwhile, livelihoods are at stake

By: Todd Feldman Founder & President Rocket Factory   Not events, but outcomes. Visualize outcomes. Not the cracking of the bat, but gliding over home plate. Not the inking of deals, but the kind of life you’ll lead. Not the scale, the diet, or the food, but the admiration you have earned. And not the […]

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Create foresight from hindsight.

Strategic plans have shockingly low success rates. We’re doing something about it.

By: Todd FeldmanFounder & PresidentRocket Factory   We’re solving a huge problem. Blockbuster Video thought their once-dominant rental business was a long-term lock. You know how that turned out. It doesn’t require hindsight to know overconfidence never works. So why does history continue to repeat itself? There are three overlapping themes that make up the […]

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10 ways to know if you business is sustainable.

10 ways to know if your business is sustainable for the long term

By: Todd FeldmanFounder & PresidentRocket Factory   In the book Flock Not Clock, Cornell University’s Drs. Laura and Derek Cabrera state, “The network structure underlying groups and organizations of all types is conducive to a systems approach based on complexity science. This is because collectives of individuals, no matter how structured, are complex adaptive systems.”   I couldn’t […]

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News: The Rocket Factory and KKD Tourism Advisors Partner to Launch SparkJam SessionsTM for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

For Immediate Release Contacts: The Rocket Factory Todd Feldman missioncontrol@gorocketfactory.com 804-925-8633   KKD Tourism Advisors David Jackson djackson@kkdta.com An idea born out of the pandemic, the new platform is a catalyst for economic innovation and mission-driven contributions.   September 8, 2021 (RICHMOND, VA) The Rocket Factory and KKD Tourism Advisors announce a strategic relationship to […]

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