Advertising in the era of The Pandemic: TV spots that don’t suck​

5 Rockets
There’s been a lot written about how just about every TV spot written in the early days of the pandemic sounded the same. 
And well, they did.
And some still do.
We should all demand that our ad agencies deliver the goods all of the time.
And I get it, there was pressure from brands in trying to act quickly to maintain relevance in a time when no one really knew what to say as our country was shutting down.
As time has gone on, I’m seeing ad firms finding their footing on behalf of their clients.
In recent weeks, the spots are getting better and more aligned to each brands’ promise.

Here are 3 ads that don’t suck (and that we’ve rather enjoyed).

Burger King | Stay Home of the Whopper
Uber | Thank You For Not Riding
Rogue Fitness | Thank You