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Built to support mid-market Revenue Responsible executives who want to build a sustainable revenue engine and increase board confidence, Rocket Factory is a C-Level advisory explicitly focused on their unique pains and needs. Founded by Revenue Whisperer Todd Feldman, Rocket Factory helps the Revenue Responsible identify opportunities, build relationships, enhance skills, and define and deliver on their revenue goals quickly and efficiently.


Our advice and expertise are built on three foundational pillars.


We put you in a position to grow in multiple ways.
Growth is the name of the game – not just for organizational revenue but professionally as well. With our help, you’ll be better able to recognize and capitalize on new paths to revenue, build a sustainable revenue engine, fill skill gaps, and increase confidence from your peers, your board, and your customers.


We help you with the “people factor,” building and understanding relationships.
You can’t achieve your goals without support. We help you to recognize, develop and maintain strong relationships with everyone from peers in the C-suite to other teams across the organization. We also help you understand how your revenue goals support individual people and livelihoods as much as the organization.


We update your toolkit to maintain today’s successes into tomorrow.
You’re responsible for sustaining today’s revenue and growing it tomorrow, with the added need to justify every decision with hard data. We help you develop the planning, analytical, communication, and strategic tools you need to project confidence and steadiness to your peers, your CEO, and your board.

Meet Revenue Whisperer Todd Feldman

Todd says the things that others won’t. He’s real and honest and doesn’t pull punches because he knows that the board won’t when they’re grilling you about revenue. For over three decades, he’s seen and heard it all while building creative, performance-driven revenue-generating initiatives for companies in many different industries ranging from start-ups to Fortune 50 enterprises. He’s been on the front lines leading and participating in some of the most significant disruptions in media and content consumption in recent history and has spent his career engaging people and delivering profitable growth.
So, when we call him the Revenue Whisperer, it’s no joke. He’s your mission control, the voice in your ear, and the well of knowledge you can draw from to deliver real revenue results.
“I’ve always benefitted from smart, outside perspectives at every stage of my journey. I’m blessed to be able to pay it forward to those seeking clarity, predictability, and confidence.”
-Todd Feldman, President and Revenue Whisperer, Rocket Factory
Throughout his career, Todd has learned to be pragmatic. He’s seen a lot of technology “shiny objects” come and go, but he understands that by keeping the basics of business in mind, and staying true to customer and employee needs while applying the right solution to the problem, the rest always efficiently and naturally falls into place. At the same time, he’s all about taking the big swing: Todd encourages clients to aim high and take calculated chances.
He’s got your back with expertise, wisdom, and positivity, so you can grow, garner support, and sustain your revenue plan.
Todd Feldman
Todd Feldman
Rocket Factory, Founder & President

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