Plans fail up to
90% of the time.


Proceed with

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And meanwhile, livelihoods are at stake

Your team is
counting on you.


Creating foresight from hindsight.

Let’s face it, most leadership teams think strategic planning sucks.

It takes too long and yields terrible results.

It’s like that demoralizing feeling you get when you spend weeks putting together a jigsaw puzzle — only to find you’re missing the last pieces. We get mid-market CEOs coming to us feeling board pressure and concerned for their jobs. The reason? Because strategic plans fail between 70% and 90% of the time and it usually takes 18-24 months to realize it.

It no longer has to be that way.

We deliver a sense of control to leaders by providing a set of three groundbreaking tools and services to better anticipate business volatility instead of the anxiety of being out of control.

We call it SystematicTM by Rocket Factory. One step diagnoses problems before they happen, one step encourages team-wide collaboration for well-thought solutions, and one step lights the way to get there.
Working with us, CEOs feel in control with the confidence to lead their team through the toughest conditions. Failure is no longer the outcome. Instead, we confidently triple the likelihood of earnings success within a year.
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